My Story

My name is Dan Van Vechten, and I perform as a singer/songwriter living in Cincinnati. I am originally from upstate New York, where cows outnumber people and the peaks in the skyline include the Adirondack mountains.  Years ago I would play guitar for hours a day and sing around a hunting lodge with friends or a campfire on the farm.  For a while there were bar gigs and the occasional talent show, but the artist had not yet been found.  As time went by music was played less and less on that guitar until eventually it was tucked back into the case while a more responsible life was being built.  When I found an open mic by accident on the west side of Cincinnati, I pulled my guitar out and went back the next week.  Over the next few months' time, some songs came back and many more were found in the Cincinnati Roots/Folk/Americana sounds.  In 2013 I began to write songs of my own and play them alongside the ones I learned in the local scene.  I now play all over the area as a solo act or with the addition of local friends, and my third album, "Stringtown Sessions" is available for sale as of June 2022. Check out a show or take some music with you.  It'll make you feel right at home.