Welcome to the official home page for Dan Van Vechten and my music projects!  I am a local singer/songwriter who grew up listening to folk and country music, then returned to it to find my sound after being influenced by the folk music I heard when I moved to Cincinnati.  Call it folkpop.  Urban bluesfolk.  Countrified string soul.  Whatever you call it, you'll enjoy the mellow delivery and soulful vocals.

My second album, "Get Right", is available for sale on September 2, 2016.  The LP is a collection of some of my newer songs, a few that go back to the Van Buckley era, and two tributes to local songwriters.  Most tracks feature myself on guitar and vocals;  Will Kimble, mandolin and vocals;  Johnny Castetter, bass and vocals.  Featured guests include Heather Buckley Pauley on vocals;  Hank Becker, banjo;  Jeremy Francis, resonator guitar;  Aaron Hedrick, harmonica;  Joe Macheret, fiddle;  Rob McAllister, guitar.


Get Right CD release is almost here! 

Ready for some fun?  Friday night is going to be some bluesy, grassy, swamp-stompin' music in the Revival Room at the Southgate House Revival.  The celebration is for the release of my second LP, titled "Get Right".  Will and Johnny will be joining me, along with Heather Buckley Pauley on vocals, Suzanna Barnes on fiddle, Aaron Hedrick on harmonica, and Hank Becker on banjo.  River City Roustabout will open things up, and Hu Town Holler will be standing by to finish things off when we are done.  CD is included in the ticket price for the event:


Two more days to vote! 

Hey all!  If you haven't voted yet for the 2015 Cincinnati Entertainment Awards, check out the link and find me in the Singer/Songwriter category.  Voting closes on Thursday, January 21, so get in there while your vote still counts, and tell your friends!


Mighty Brother brings “Jettison. Reprise.” to Cincinnati  

So I get this message a couple of months ago from Jake Ryan, who introduced himself on behalf of a band called Mighty Brother.  He was interested in booking a show in Cincinnati and was scouting for local acts to help find the right venue to get their music out to new ears.  I looked up the band on youtube and found videos of energetic, talented musicians with songs ranging from upbeat fun with whimsical themes to deep ballads to life’s everyday struggles.  I became an immediate fan.  I mean, how can you not?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l85GbQjLY-o 
Mighty Brother comes from Bloomington, Indiana, and I can’t wait to hear them live just to find out what band they’re bringing with them.  Their brand-spanking new release, “Jettison. Reprise.” Has 16 tracks of musical versatility ranging from jazzy swings to rootsy acoustic.  Call it swing rock.  Jazzy pop.  Kids today and their rule breaking.  Don’t they know lazy writers are trying to put them into a box?  Not happening with these guys.  You can check out a sampling of their tunes here:   https://mightybrother.bandcamp.com/ 
Okay, so now I have to figure out how I am going to fill up another set of music that holds up to Mighty Brother’s talent and presence.  A band that can swing and harmonize, with fans and friends that will dig Mighty Brother’s sound.  As I listen through the songs, I keep hearing Brittany Gillstrap and Sarah Hutchinson of the Bluebird Twins https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0VP3I9sGls.  I sent them a message, they were happy to jump in, and we have a show.  The best part is hearing the Bluebird Twins reaction to Mighty Brother and vice-versa.  They’re already mutual fans. 
Music is going to start at 7:00 p.m. at Braxton Brewing Company, with the Bluebird Twins, Mighty Brother, and Dan Van Vechten (yes, I just referred to myself in the third person) closing out the night.  Cover is $5 and worth every penny :)

Cincinnati CityBeat nominations are out! 

The Cincinnati Entertainment Award nominations have been announced, and I am happy to announce that my name is on the ballot for Singer/Songwriter of the year!  Thank you for all of your continued support, and I look forward to another year full of songs, shows, and great friends.  Keep checking the site for open voting in your favorite categories.  


New pics posted on CincyGroove.com 

Hey Folks!  Scott Preston from CincyGroove.com came by and took some pics of us playing at Wunderbar Covington last night.  Check 'em out, and stay tuned on CincyGroove for more pics and videos!

tailgates and substitutes... 

Sometimes my bandmates go on vacation and we improvise.  Tonight at the Lounge in Anderson, Johnny C and I will be playing as a duo without Will Kimble.  Johnny knows his way around ukuleles and mandolins, so we may be putting some new twists on old songs.  On Saturday I will be joined by Johnny C on bass with Suzanna Barnes on fiddle while we play the back patio at Boswell's in Northside.  Suzanna plays along on the "Grow Bananas" track, and our rehearsals so far have resulted in some very nice grooves.  Come on by and check us out!

The Simply Dan String Band joins Jerry Springer at the Folk School Coffee Parlor 

Now this was a one-in-a-lifetime experience.  A few months ago we were contacted by the Folk School Coffee Parlor, where I often attend songwriting workshops and artist performances.  We were offered a spot on Jerry Springer's podcast:  "Tales, Tunes, and Tomfoolery", where he and cohosts Jene Galvin and Megan Hils discuss current events while featuring local folk music acts.  We practiced up a tune and joined them for an episode.  Check it out!  http://www.jerryspringer.com/

Simply Dan String Band to be featured on CincyMusic Spotlight 

Hey Folks!  I submitted Grow Bananas to be a featured song on CincyMusic.com and it has been selected!  Tune in to hear Venemous Valdez on Cincinnati's Project 100.7/106.3 when she plays my song among other local selections on the CincyMusic Spotlight at midnight, January 12.  CincyMusic.com keeps a full calendar of local music and in-depth profiles of what local artists are up to, including a page for the Simply Dan String Band!


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solo at The Littlefield

 —  —

The Littlefield, 3934 Spring Grove Ave, Cincinnati, OH

Sunday evenings at The Littlefield (Northside) are wonderful for gathering friends over food and music. Come by and let me entertain you. Ryan Shadle will join me for a few songs of his own as well!


Listing Loon with Hank Becker

 —  —

The Listing Loon, 4124 Hamilton Ave, Cincinnati, OH

Come on by the cozy Listing Loon for some weeknight tunes. Hank Becker will join me with his banjer, too.